The Secret Of Creativity In Business, Art, And Life

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Years ago, in a Self-Improvement workshop by Jerry Stocking, participants were asked to hear a children’s rhyme and replicate it. It was a rather long rhyme and everybody lost track of the chain of events and stopped in embarrassment. A stressed and nervous atmosphere built up in the area as one person after another failed to recite the whole rhyme.

People started to feel that they had inadequate short term memory to remember and repeat the entire thing. During those pauses, in the space between words, his subconscious mind prompted him with another line of the verse. “This,” said Jerry Stocking, “was the key –since the distance between things allowed imagination and intelligence to emerge.”

The two Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer are equally enthusiastic about this distance between thoughts. Deepak Chopra says it’s a contact point between our thoughts and the quantum field of all possibilities. Echart Tolle has earned fame and fortune instructing others about this distance. He’s renowned for his long silences, during which he’s merely being conscious, and devoid of thought.

When he, by instance, induces this condition in his crowd, they feel a sense of deep calmness and”fullness of being.” Likewise, when I was studying art, learning how to draw people, dogs, horses, still life objects, barns, and open spaces, the distance between my sketches would be the most meaningful. I love classical music, and it’s for the exact same reason.

The distance between the notes is where the magic lies. I’ve discovered a new surge of creativity in my online endeavors also when I admire these spaces. When I’m writing a sales letter, my thoughts become quite intense, and after some time I suffer from information overload. When I take a rest and come back, all of the sentences flow flawlessly, and I communicate my message the way I had hoped.

If I spend a whole lot of time researching something, then give it a rest, which might last for as long as a day, all of the elements of Another day, I was listening to a David Galleries interview and that I had to grin when he stated that his most creative thoughts came after he’d stopped pursuing them There’s a magic to the distance between pictures, notes, streams of thought, and information gathering. Then the mind becomes quite clear and action becomes precise and efficient.