Learning Entertainment Arts in the Modern World

Entertainment arts

Regardless of how the world advances, the ability will always be highly respected. I am a magician by profession and it’s an art form that needs a great deal of practice and skill. If we look at an excellent stand-up artist on stage, everything appears so easy, his only being himself and enjoys his time on stage and entertains his audience, but I can guarantee it was not always like that.

Today I want to concentrate on the effect the internet has on the learning process and what’s changed in today’s world. The planet has become enormously fast in the past couple of decades. The effects of the internet, email and mobile phones are enormous, and everybody has access to all conceivable knowledge within an instant. This impacts also all learning processes, and that I see it largely as an improvement, but there are also disadvantages.

As a professional magician, wanting to find out something new, I still use old tools; books, videos and lecture notes. There are countless videos on YouTube, but the information and knowledge provided are simply overwhelming. To learn something new, I want a quiet environment, concentration and time. To me, the internet isn’t the perfect place to learn from, by this I suggest after an explanation from the computer screen.

It generates easily a restless feeling that is not great for learning purposes. Granted, there are some terrific websites about tricks, videos, and strategy, but learning new moves, sleights, and psychology is so demanding, I believe it takes a silent environment. Additionally, a magic trick is not prepared after it’s been done to a live crowd. I recall so often feeling great about a specific routine and practicing it to perfection, only to discover that something did not work or something needed to be altered Sometimes it’s very tough to understand what these”items” could be.

The energy of a live performance is so different, the body does things differently and there’s absolutely no room for errors, it is a demanding situation. I see advertisements over the internet of magical tricks that I know for fact will not work in the actual world. Magic advertisements are also cleverly created, they tell the truth, but usually only a portion of it. If you purchase a magic trick there’s absolutely not any refund as you pay partially for the secret.

Sometimes you pay only for the secret, should you buy by way of example a downloadable eBook with no gimmicks. Today it’s quite easy to purchase magic from the internet, everyone can do it. Some sellers were very strict on what to market to whom. Today we’ve masked magician on TV revealing illusions and close up magic secrets.

Money talks and BS walks – quantity isn’t quality and will never be… However many magical secrets are revealed, the ability and atmosphere that a seasoned actor can create can never be replicated. Doing live stand up can only be learned by doing this. If we understand the secrets of a hundred tricks it won’t ever make anybody a magician. All skill demands commitment and plenty of practice and work, and I really don’t feel the internet and our”pace world” contributes to this whatsoever.

An experienced actor, who has done his schedule thousands of times knows just what to do or say in any circumstance, and may use something unexpected to his benefit, where an amateur actor loses his rhythm and even worse, his crowd… People can forgive you in case you make a mistake, but if they feel you aren’t up to it and they believe you’re on stage practicing they’ll treat you accordingly. These skills can’t be learned via the internet, the only place to learn is the actual world. To have the ability to touch an audience, whether we do stand up or shut up magic, we must create an atmosphere and have a believable stage character, then