Art and Entertainment Then and Now

animal art

Art and Entertainment is a medium that’s liked by state by every individual both are two sides of the same coin. The difference between Van Gogh’s paintings and a James Bond film. However, the purpose of both is relaxing the mind and creating a pleasurable feeling. Art includes paintings, poems, sculptures, installations in museums and studios.

Nowadays artists want to do more of interactive artwork so that their generation can reach all, poems are taking the kind of rap songs. Contemporary art is extremely much interfused with everyday problems, the issues or situations that a person goes through. Monalisa by Leonardo da Vinci is a renaissance artwork done on poplar paper and oil paint. Pablo Picasso and Vincent Vangogh contribute to contemporary art.

Postmodern art or modern art is composed of Installations, Intermedia, Multimedia and Conceptual art. Brian Andreas, Allan Graham is an artist of the age. Installation art is a really new concept in postmodern art it’s space special three dimensional designed to alter the perception of distance. Marcel Duchamp, Kurt Schwitters is the daddy of installation arts. The 3-dimensional effect of the art makes them distinctive from many other art forms.

Man indulged in amusement with stage plays with the subjects of Kings and queens, medieval dramas and folk tunes. Entertainment resources indicate the manners and nature of amusement changed with time according to the changing demand of the general public. Films gain popularity with the introduction of the camera. First was the silent era, only moving pictures without noise.

The invention of audio recorder brought from the Talkies, movies with sound and dialogue. The latest technology is the High Definition 3D film Avatar. Entertainment is no longer restricted to films but has moved on to video gambling, internet gaming. Entertainment is an institution itself and has a business market of its own that is expanding quickly.