5 DIY Painting Tips That Every DIY Painter Needs to Know

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Buy top quality paint as soon as you’re able to. It will employ better, last longer and be much easier to wash. Rather than painting every 5 years, you may only be painting every 10 years. This is where you need to pay the most attention and where you need to be spending time with your project.

Utilize quality fillers and give them a lot of time to wash and then devote the time for a good sanding. It will all pay off in the finished look, especially where you’re using gloss paints. Do not skimp on the brushes and rollers which you’re going to use. Cheap brushes and affordable roller covers, are you going to give you a cheap-looking end.

Buy the best you can afford, and if you wash them properly, they will last you for many DIY painting tasks. For those who have mold issues, which will normally occur in moist areas such as bathrooms and laundries. You’ll have to take care of the walls of this room with a mold killer, or household bleach will work too.

Wipe down all of the walls, not only the areas where there are visible mold spores. As soon as you’re finished make sure you wipe everything down with fresh water. Unsure if you have water-based or oil-based paint on your walls? Place some methylated spirits on a cloth and rub it on the paint.

If you get shade on the fabric, then the paint is water-based, if you do not receive any color then it is an oil-based paint. I hope you’ve found these DIY painting hints helpful.